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Post  Keelhaul on Mon Mar 12, 2012 11:49 pm

The concept of a cross-realm marketplace to locate hard to find BoEs is valuable. That much I know. I've been contacted enough in-game on various realms by players looking for armor and weapons that have become incredibly difficult to find on theirs. In many cases, those players have been willing to transfer in order to acquire them.

The issue for these players, myself included, has always been awareness. The Undermine Journal provides some insight into the active whereabouts of items currently on the auction house, but buyers are left to do the rest of the footwork. And the footwork encompasses a great deal of sacrifice and blind trust on the buyer's part. It won't be possible to eliminate this issue entirely, but we can certainly assist some situations with this thread.

First off, this thread is for "LF" and "WTS" posts and I'd like to keep it to the rare items. Nobody is going to transfer to a realm to acquire Captain's Leggings. They have, however, transferred to acquire items such as Chan's Imperial Robes, the Steadfast set and the Glorious Plate set. This much we know for sure, and with some players doing it there is likely a larger player pool jumping through the same hoops to acquire their desired items.

This is where I can play connector because my reader base is split between transmogrification fans and fans of transmogrification in the gold-making space. Essentially I have Buyer contacts and I have Seller contacts. In the majority of cases, I know the Sellers well and can pre-qualify them as recommended Sellers to a cross-realm marketplace where the Buyers can trust in a system of social connections. Is it guaranteed 100% safe? Do you see a VeriSign logo? Of course it's not guaranteed, if you have to ask that question then cross-realm acquisition of items is probably not for you. This thread is for those players like me who feel that they have done everything they can and simply cannot acquire the items they desire on their own realm and need a better alternative.

That's where the cross-realm marketplace thread comes in. Come here, post your interests or the exquisite items you have and start a conversation. All Sellers in this thread must be members and have been pre-qualified by me offline before posting. Once you're in the circle of trust, you'll achieve the rank of Trusted Seller.

Happy hunting!


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