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Hiya! I'm Keel Empty Hiya! I'm Keel

Post  Keelhaul on Tue Mar 13, 2012 9:50 am

Y'all are faster than me!

I'm Keelhaul, aka the artist formerly known as the Mogfather, aka Pete (IRL). I'm a husband and a dad, have a beautiful wife of nearly ten years and two amazing kids. Was born and raised in Maine but have lived in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, Florida, Georgia and even Texas! Sounds like a vagabond, right? Well it's over a 35 year span so I like to think I'm not uprooting ALL the time. I'll just ignore the fact that we're moving back to New Hampshire at the end of the month. I'm also the principal of my own consulting group that specializes in (big surprise) design research. Sounds made up, I know, and as real as it is it's always impossible to explain to relatives what I do. Just as I'm sure it's been a tongue twister to explain to players in WoW what I do here on Disenchanting Azeroth (DA) as well, ha!

Anyway I've been around in WoW since just prior to TBC. My main has always been my priest, Keelhaul. I originally began on Tichondrius and was there for about three years. Guild eventually split up and reformed on The Forgotten Coast so I later relocated there only to have the guild split up again about 16 months later. So why did I choose to move to Proudmoore? Well, once everyone dispersed to various realms my daughter had been born so I knew I wasn't going to be raiding anymore. So I decided to just find a big realm with high Alliance population that had my name (Keelhaul), and of the top 10 I checked, Proudmoore was the only one that still had my name available. (I know, boring story, right?).

I've always had lots of plans here for DA, and have really only begun to scratch the surface. My only hope is I can continue to find pockets of time to be able to unearth some of the initiatives I have planned. Fun stuff ahead!

Looking forward to the conversations, and fire away with feedback and suggestions on the forums, the site and more!


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