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Post  Noelani on Tue Mar 13, 2012 4:41 pm

*Trying to keep pace with Marra's fantastic bio!*

In some online circles I go by the alias Noelani, but in so-callled 'real life' I'm referred to as Jim. Originally I'm from England, but for the past four years I've been living in Denmark. I'm an archaeologist and I co-habit an apartment in Copenhagen with my partner, Ironyca, with whom I created the website back in 2009. We also share our space with budgies (that's parakeets to you American folks), who've earned a notoriety for being particular noisy whenever I speak to people via Skype/Ventrilo etc.

We started WoWRoleplayGear during Christmas 2009, noting that there was a lack of resources displaying some of the more obscure armor in WoW. Being that we play on a Roleplay realm, we thought there might be interest in such a site in the RP community. The announcement of Patch 4.3 and transmogrification brought a new function to the site, and we've been investing a considerable amount of my time into the project every since. I write the articles, announcements and web design elements of the site (Ironyca compiles all of the sets and produces the imagery).

I've been playing WoW since the original EU Beta, starting off on Burning Blade EU after release, but quickly moving to Argent Dawn EU in May 2005. I currently have 11 85's (one of each class plus one extra warrior), all of which are on AD, although 3 of those are almost entirely neglected. Noelani is the name of my blood elf hunter and the source of my website pseudonym, although she's not actually my main character. My first character on Argent Dawn and my main ever since is a night elf shadow priest, with whom I've been running a raid guild since 2007.

Beyond WoW I'm particularly interested in all things historical (obviously) and geographical (Google Earth is my equivalent of porn). I'm also very keen on gaming (goes without saying I guess), astronomy and american football, the latter of which greatly annoys Ironyca, as I stay up until 6am every Sunday and Monday night during the NFL season to watch games whilst she tries to sleep (the US being at least 6 hours behind our time-zone). Additionally, I enjoy cooking (although I hate/am allergic to fish/shellfish), I like cats, ale, japanese maple trees, cranberry sauce... and many more things totally irrelevant to this introduction.


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