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Post  Dibface on Tue Mar 13, 2012 7:17 pm

Right so this was originally in Marra's thread before it was moved and became it's own subforum, so I shall post it again.

HELLO! My name is Dibface, and I'm a Transmogoholic. Also an Altoholic.

I play on Earthen Ring US, Alliance. I have many characters! I have an 85 Hunter, DK, Druid, Warrior, and Priest. I'm also leveling a Warlock (80) and a Mage (61). The mage some people might remember as being one of the winners in the previous WoW Factor on ER. Here's her armory, for those curious.

My main is my Death Knight, Dibbyrne. He is a tank and gets smashed in the face a lot. I also dps sometimes, like on one-tank fights. This is the character I raid on, currently 1/8 heroic (as you might be able to tell by that spiffy heroic label on the shoulders). I currently don't know what I want to do with his Transmog, so it's pretty messy right now. </3

Before that though my main was my Hunter, Dibby. Although I no longer raid on him, he holds a special place in my heart. Aside from being the character I collect everything on, he was the first character I made. Originated on Lothar as Alliance, transfered to Ravenholdt as Horde, then to Earthen Ring back to Alliance. Special note, this is the character that I won 10k from one of Keelhaul's transmog shows on ER (before it became the WoW Factor). Gotta respect that pimp hat. It's so stylin'.

Also! I have an 85 rogue and paladin on Ravenholdt, they are Horde. They don't get played as much </3. I am super unoriginal and name all my alts with the same naming convention, "Dib_____". At the same time though it makes it easy to identify me, especially considering just how many alts I have.

It's pretty awesome that this place has a forum now.
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