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Post  Selkate on Thu Mar 15, 2012 6:08 am

Folami's Transmog 6983452203_609af4c50c
Folami front cross by Speed Buggy, on Flickr

Folami's Transmog 6983452351_3a9ebcde00
Folami side cross by Speed Buggy, on Flickr

Folami's Transmog 6837328530_67b5c6af5c
Folami back cross by Speed Buggy, on Flickr

Ever fall in love with a piece of gear you had to roll another character? That’s the birth of Folami, my hunter.

Two pieces fell into my lap the same day, Drakesfire Epaulets and Firemane Leggings. Neither two were on any lists at the time. About a week or two later, Keelhaul would mention Firemane Leggings on Power Word: Gold.

I found both through TUJ. At first I thought with the Firemane Leggings that they were just Brigade leggings until I looked at WoWHead. Then I decided to keep them along with the Drakesfire Epaulets for myself. I wondered how both pieces would look like on a female orc, since the shoulders are so similar to what grunts wear in Orgrimmar.

What resulted was the picture of an Amazon woman who would rather run naked in battle, could crush most men with ease, but also enjoys frilly feminine things.

WoWHead posters suggested pairing the leggings with the Energized Chestplate. I had some Brigade pieces lying around and decided to use those.

Now came the hard part, matching all the pieces together. I used World of Wardrobes to try and come up with color matches for the headpiece and belt. Finally decided on the Radiant Circlet and the Engraved Belt. Of course the circlet is a rare recipe drop, but three others exist with the same pattern and coloring: Metallic Headband Of Simm’onz, Mercurial Circlet, and Merciless Crown. The first is a mission reward in Nagrand, and the latter two are bind on equip drops.

So the head matches the legs, the chest matches the belt, and the hands match the feet. The shoulders are kind of the odd man out, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

I went searching for a ranged weapon and came across the Blackwing Lair weapons. The colors on the crossbow matched best. Since hunters’ melee abilities are being taken away for Mists Of Pandaria, I’m not too worried about finding a matching melee weapon.

She has the family of pink tallstriders, a red lynx, and I’m planning on getting her a black and red fel boar.

This outfit fell together rather quickly. I’m expecting that getting the Energized Chestplate and Ashjre’thul Crossbow to take up much of my time. I know I’ll need guildmates for the latter.

I’ve been thinking about color dye and think that while it would have made life easier, it would have created a less visually interesting outfit. I would have probably made everything too much the same and nothing would pop out.

Head: Metallic Headband of Simm’onz (assuming I can’t get the Mercurial Circlet or the Merciless Crown)
Shoulders: Drakesfire Epaulets
Chest: Energized Chestplate (dungeon drop)
Wrists: Brigade Bracers
Hands: Brigade Gauntlets
Waist: Engraved Girdle
Legs: Firemane Leggings
Feet: Brigade Boots
Cloak: -
Melee Weapon: -
Ranged Weapon: Ashjre’thul, Crossbow of Smiting (raid drop)

Any cloak suggestions? I'm worried it might ruin the look, but I also want one in case I get bored with the rear view so to speak.

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Folami's Transmog Empty Re: Folami's Transmog

Post  Marrra on Thu Mar 15, 2012 6:44 am

Dark Shroud of the Scourge
Cloak of Subjugated Power
Royal Cloak of the Sunstriders
Battle Healer's Cloak
Praetorian Cloak

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