Starter zone weapons and shields

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Starter zone weapons and shields Empty Starter zone weapons and shields

Post  Keelhaul on Thu Mar 15, 2012 5:28 pm

So this pic was posted during Blizzcon where they labeled it as "a brief look" at some of the weapons from MoP.

Starter zone weapons and shields TSrRr

Note the softened edges and fluid transitions. Obviously these aren't going to be endgame looks but I still think there are cues we can begin to draw from these, particularly if we consider the visual positioning of the majority of weapons and shields in the game. These are clearly more introverted forms, and what it initially said to me when I saw the pic was perhaps the early stages of MoP are going to reveal a number of new models that are introverted, subtle and calm in terms of model design. This would make sense considering the 'zen' theme they started to allude to with the introduction of pandas. More to chat on this one, but wanted to get the conversation started.


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