Lofty, Vanguard, Glorious, Singing Crystal etc!

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Lofty, Vanguard, Glorious, Singing Crystal etc! Empty Lofty, Vanguard, Glorious, Singing Crystal etc!

Post  AudemGold on Mon Mar 12, 2012 3:24 pm

Thank you Mogfather and wowfactor for providing this excellent resource for buyers and sellers alike! Now to the good stuff

Currently avail able on US-FENRIS (I can move to whichever faction you like)

Vanguard Plate:
Legs x2 - 25k each
Hands x1 - 5k each
Waist x2 - 5k each
Boots x2 - 8k each
Bracers x2 - 2k each

Can aquire Breastplate from a competitor if there is interest. Not currently listed. - 25k

Glorious Plate:
Breastplate x2 - 20k each
Waist x2 - 5k each
Bracers x1 - 2k each

Lofty Plate:
Legs x1 - 20k each
Waist x3 - 5k each
Bracers x2 - 3k each
Hands x2 - 5k each
Shoulders x1 - 5k each

Robes of Insight x3 - 10k each

Singing Crystal Axe x1 - 25k each

I have MANY, MANY other high end and rare items not listed. Let me know what you are looking for and I probably have it. I control both factions on my server and actually work with my only competitors from time to time.

If anyone is interested reply here or send me an ingame an ingame mail on Horde (Themachine) or Alliance (Bankonally) or email me

Good Luck in your mogging and have a great day!

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