Greetings fellow xmog nerds

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Greetings fellow xmog nerds Empty Greetings fellow xmog nerds

Post  Neph on Wed Mar 21, 2012 3:54 pm

Hey everyone, I'm Neph, or Wyky or Sheol, or Charon hmm I guess I use an assortment of gamertags in the different games I play, so I guess we can got with IRL names where everyone calls me Aaron, or Moose, or Freddy, hmm I guess I go by an assortment of nicknames as well, so let's just stick with Neph as thats the one I have been using the most lately although it is subject to change Smile

I am a Canadian finishing up a undergrad degree and I spend my spare time gaming, copious amounts of gaming, actually I guess you could say I go out of my way to make time to game. Right now I am playing WoW, and SWTOR, once school is out I am jumping back into our D&D group as well as picking up on L5R for the big Kotei season and having a weekly board game night with friends.

I LOVE transmogging, I play a Warrior and Shaman on the Tichondrious server and am hoping to get a Priest to lvl cap soon because I think priests have access to some of the nicest tier sets in the game. I also love raiding and the community that comes with it, and doing achievements and old content. If I had time I am sure I would love leveling as well and getting to know all the zones better.

I don't like to use static sets that are already meant to match in game, rather I prefer to mix and match pieces of various gear to come up with a more unique looks. Of course sometimes this comes with the sacrifice of exact color matches, if you are sneaky enough about it you can get away with it.

[shamelessselfpromotion=]I have a brand spanking new blog which I will be updating bi-weekly with info from the various games I play, the first post is all about xmog though including the WoW factor show on Tich (in which I placed in the top 25) so be sure to check it out. [/shamelessselfpromotion]

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