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Post  Keelhaul on Mon Mar 12, 2012 3:34 pm

Hi All,

Noelani of WoW Roleplay Gear and I recently hit Earthen Ring, Alliance on the evening of February 25th. With gold in our pockets and a plan in place to not only give 1,000g prizes to the top twenty-five (25,000g), but also each of the top ten received a prize package of 10,000g (100,000g)!

We saw some amazing stuff, and definitely came away satisfied that we had, indeed found some candidates who truly had that WoW factor! The following players each received recognition as a realm-wide Alliance top ten transmogrified look, along with a 10,000g prize. We've provided links to their armories so you can look deeper into their outfits and get a feel for the work they put into their look and how you might be able to acquire it, yourself.

Be sure to check out the videos posted on Disenchanting Azeroth (http://deazeroth.blogspot.com/2012/02/wow-factor-hits-earthen-ring-alliance.html) which also includes the list of winners with links to their armories.


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