The WoW Factor: LIGHTBRINGER 3.23.12

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The WoW Factor: LIGHTBRINGER 3.23.12 Empty The WoW Factor: LIGHTBRINGER 3.23.12

Post  Keelhaul on Sun Mar 25, 2012 10:07 pm

What a big event this was! One of our largest thus far. 150,000g out to a number of participants split up in the following spread:

1,000g each to the top 25.
5,000g each to the top 15.
10,000g each to the top 5.

And lastly we had two collectible Blizzard Store mounts courtesy of that were given to the top two outfits on the night. The first of which is currently highlighted on the main page of Disenchanting Azeroth (Vrexia). The second winner's interview, Verenous will follow shortly!

Opening this thread up should additional commentary be required!


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The WoW Factor: LIGHTBRINGER 3.23.12 Empty Re: The WoW Factor: LIGHTBRINGER 3.23.12

Post  Neph on Sun Mar 25, 2012 10:32 pm

Great show, so many outstanding outfits watching the stream was a lot of fun.

It was interesting to hear your commentary on what exactly the WoW factor should represent. I think you are bang on when you say that it is the little things that matter and that it is looks that are not recipe looks but more crafted. For that aspect of it I thought Alanyia was soo close very crafted, not recipe at all but just a few little details that didn't quite fit.

I think Verenous did a good job of adding the details that pushed his set over the top, but as Ironyca mentioned when people can combine different sets of tier and make that same WoW look, to me that is more impressive than just a full tier set with details.

Although the Vrexxia's look was a little monotone for my personal tastes with just the blue/white I can appreciate the theme of the scourge and I think stuff like that should be taken into consideration whenever possible too as long as it doesn't cause too much discordance in the outfit.

One other thing that you mentioned was personality, and that Transmog was so much about building a persona that makes you stand out from the crowd which is why I think some people are so vocal about being against tier sets.

One thing that I am noticing as the shows move along is that there are sets that look really good and people know that and so they get used often, I think when people have a unique look that you don't see that often that is really a big part of it, a set that makes you go WoW that looks good I've never seen it done that way before.

Anyhow just wanted to comment on the whole question of what is the WoW factor. Love watching the shows, keep it up.

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