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Post  Arbaris on Tue May 08, 2012 9:10 am


My main's name is Arbaris; a tankadin (human female) Alliance side on the grand "old" realm of Lothar. Well, she's actually the only toon I really play...not much of an altaholic. I'm also an avid achievement whore; love those cheevs!

I first came across WoW Roleplay Gear last summer while surfing around on Google. Guess you could say I started collecting sets/pieces back in BC when I first started playing WoW. My first set was Paladin T4 (prot), and I went back and gathered T2 (although the stupid belt still refuses to drop after 5yrs). I'm a horder...mostly weapons and shields; also love all the trinkets that turn you into something else. I still have the Mithril Insignia from the old armorsmith questline and my Holy Mightstone in the bank LOL!

I've had a lot of fun playing around with MogIt, coming up with set ideas and farming old content for items. My current Prot set is the standard old Brutal Gladiator set (meh it was blue so I used it); not original at all. The Ret set is a somewhat goth looking plate set I came up with: has lots of skulls....I like skulls Smile and pointy things....LOL

Since having to re-do all the zone quests for the achievements (loremaster the 2nd chapter), I have paid more attention to the quest rewards suitable for potential transmog, especially the cloaks...The Proudmore Cape is one such cloak.

Well can't think of much else to say so I guess I will just end it here!
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